Tuesday, May 08, 2007

1 down 2 to go

Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my Godson, Quinn Patrick Kelly MacPherson with his Daddy, Richie and his GodDaddy.

Yeah Quinn was born yesterday morning and weighed in at 8lbs - well done Arlene! He's also as healthy as can be, so now I can turn my attention to worrying that everything will go fine for Jane and Doctah and my cousin Emma and Huw for their little bundles which are coming over the summer.

It also meant I spend all morning baby shopping as I had waited until we knew whether Quinn would turn out to be a Quinn or a Joey. Did you know that every clothes store in Halifax has its own baby range? It really is a multi-million dollar industry. I should have taken a photo but I bought him the most adorable "My First Levis" set of jeans, t-shirt and socks - it just couldn't be left on the shelf. I also bought him a cuddly croc so he knows what to expect down under and a cuddly soccer ball so he's brought up playing a proper sport!

Anyway, here's some more photos of baby, Mummy, Daddy, Grandma & GodDaddy and I just want to say congratulations both and thank you a million times again for asking me to be Godfather, I'm so proud.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Changing Times

So last night was my last shift at Dofsky's. Which is sad as I'd met some fantastic people there and thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. However, life goes on and I'm now going to try and complete and online application for a graduate job back home.

I say 'try to complete' as I've been doing it bit by bit all week and it's so boring. I really don't like these online application forms with questions such as 'tell us about a time when you have made a decision using your analytical and problem solving skills' or 'tell us about a time when you have had to deliver a project to set deadlines.' What a load of bollocks if you ask me - they're pathetic questions I feel unlikely to reveal my true personality. Give me a face-to-face interview any time.

Now it's time to stop procrastinating.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Cue the bad Brando impressions

So I have some fantastic news. Last night I was asked by my good friends Richie and Arlene to be a Godfather when their little bump arrives in two weeks.

Now they plan to bring up the little one in Australia in a couple of months and hold the Christening there but understand that I can't afford a trip there at the moment and aren't concerned about that one bit. That's a relief as I'm so proud and flattered right now for them asking me and of course I didn't need any time to think about accepting this wonderful gesture. Though when I told Igor, he responded with "I wouldn't even trust you with my pizza." Fair enough.

Now all I need to know is where I can find a horse's head.......

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Black List

As you are aware, I am a huge 007 fan and will take virtually any opportunity to watch one of the Bond films. However, I say take 'virtually' any opportunity as there are some occasions where I would like to watch a Bond film but it's the company who are the problem.

As of yesterday's screening of Casino Royale, there are two more people I have added to my list of people I do not wish to join in viewing such films. The list now reads:

Lois Burman
Sarah Trott
Emily Younker
Joni Thomas

Reasons for appearing on this list include gawping at Daniel Craig coming out of the water in his short shorts, constantly ruining any action or romantic scene with 'but that would never happen' or 'she's a slut' and running around doing awful Dr Evil impressions whenever Blofeld appears on screen.

So be warned - I will shun even my best friends.

Monday, April 16, 2007

More Laziness

As the restaurant I work at is attached to the Cambridge Suites Hotel, we do a lot of room service. Apart from when we're having a big rush, they're dead easy, you just take an order and deliver it when it's ready and 15% tip is automatically put on - though most guests tip you more anyway. So easy money.

Now last night we had a request for some pineapple juice to be brought up. But we explained we'll only do room service for $6 so we'd have to charge that for the drink unless they'd like to come downstairs (from the floor above) and pay the usual $1.50. "No no, that's ok - bring it up" was the response. So I did, jacking the price up to $6 and keeping the extra $4.50.

Turns out the guests were three pissed-up girls wearing more make-up than an air hostess, getting ready for a night out and needed the juice to mix with alcohol. I bet Daddy won't be happy when he sees the bill for the room included a $6 juice to save his precious princess from that awful flight of stairs or even worse, the 10 second lift ride.

I saw these girls later on in the night, returning from their evening out on the town at around 10pm. Probably due to their fake Id's not working or something. Nice one ladies.

PS. Now I'm being lazy - I'm gonna check out the new features of blogger another time when I'm more interested in them.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

All I could do was laugh

One of my pet peeves is laziness. Now some people can be pretty lazy:

(Yeah I know I've used this image before but it is pretty funny)

Anyway, last night I headed out to work and got into the lift - remember Dan and I live on the 6th floor of our apartment building - to go down to the lobby. It stopped on 5th floor and some girl got in. Ok fine. She hit the button to go to Floor 6, where I had just come from. Still fine. "It's going down" I said. "Oh that's ok" was the response!

I couldn't believe this - how pathetic must this girl's life be if she has nothing better to do than catch the lift all the way down to 1st and then back up again to 6th? Or did she simply want to avoid the fourteen - yes fourteen - steps that would have taken her up from 5th to 6th in the first place?

Now although laziness aggravates me at times, it infuriates me when I'm lazy as I have no excuses. Hence I can tell you there are fourteen steps to go up a floor in our building as I just went to count them - I don't mind losing 20 seconds of my day if it helps quantify the ridiculousness of this girl. Whilst I'm really not too bothered about her, it has amused me to a great extent since and that's all I can do - laugh at her.

PS. How about this for London buses? You wait ages for a blog post and then two come together!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Job Hunting

So I've spent the last week tarting up my CV, sending off to Glamorgan Uni for critique and tarting it up a bit more accordingly. Now I can begin scouring the Cardiff marketing job market.

One of the first jobs that popped up was a placement with view to a 12 month contract at a company called One Nil Trade Ltd. The aspects of the job seemed really appealing and I thought I'd find the company really interesting given my obsession with most things sportish. However, one slight problem - One Nil Trade, despite being taken from one of the most common phrases in football, has nothing to do with sports.

Apparently the company promotes and markets items of a more personal nature and one of the skills needed is a maturity to be sensitive with clients, which rules me out. But what a weird name for such a company, sure fooled me. I guess it's a good thing I researched them before applying as that could have created quite a surprising interview. Though I guess the job would never be dull - I could always see how many times I could bring "that's what she said" up per day and get away with it?